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Welcome to the Violin Teacher Directory. If you are looking for violin lessons, you have come to the right place! You will find violin teachers listed by state. You may contact the teachers directly to learn more about their studios and arrange for a trial lesson. Also, check out our tips for finding the right violin teacher.


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If you offer violin lessons, you can add your studio to the directory, post your bio, studio policies, contact information, etc. In addition, since The Violin Site is one of the top ranked site on Google, MSN, and Yahoo!, this option can bring you new students. Once you are added to the teacher directory you also be eligable to use other teacher tools and purchse sheet music through our partner sites at discounted rates. Click here to get started.


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This site is to be used for arranging violin lessons only. Other transactions are not permitted. Studios on this page are not endorsed by TheViolinSite.