Belknap Violin Practicing System

Over the years there have been many violin practice programs developed by violin teachers. One of the most organized and successful programs was created by Galamian. This program has been refined and developed into the Belknap Violin Practicing System with an added focus on tracking progress and learning. The Beknap system also includes simple explanations and video examples for each exercise. The future of teaching and learning is held in the recording of the progress made by the student and the answers they discover as they practice. To use the Belknap System, get a copy of the Violin Practice Journal. Then, use the links below to learn the violin practice exercises and watch the video examples. The combination of the Violin Journal and the video examples will help you reach your potential if you will practice the violin exercises daily and play them for someone who can help advance you through each technique.


violin exercises

Bow Arm
left hand exercises

Using the Belknap Practice System

Using the Intonation Training CD

Ordering the Violin Practice Journal

Ordering the Intonation Training CD

Tips for Building Reliable Intonation

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Using the Violin Practice System
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To begin using the Violin Practice System, you must first obrtain a copy of the Violin Practice Journal. Then, follow the steps below.

Sample page from the Violin Practice Journal:
violin journal
  • Follow the assignments given in the journal
  • As you complete each of the daily violin exercises, check off the box on the right
  • The numbers in the 3 middle boxes show how many minutes each violin exercise is practiced daily.
As you keep your own violin practice journal, you will be able to document your progress. Imagine if Heifetz had kept a weekly journal of his progress. The world of violinists would have an unparalleled resource for teaching and improvement!







Ordering the Violin Practice Journal

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violin journal cover

We are pleased to release the new edition of the Violin Practice Journal. Due to high demand, we are now able to offer the Violin Practice Journal for only $19.95 per journal! To order a copy go to the online store.

New Features:

  • Updated "Frequently Asked Questions"
  • Simplified exercise instructions
  • New "Notes on What I've Learned" pages
  • Additional weekly exercise pages

Volume and school licenses are also available. Simply e-mail contact us for more information!





Using the Intonation CD

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Tuning the violin:

Tune the A string to Track 10.
Tune the D string to Track 3.
Tune the G string to Track 8.
Tune the E string to Track 5.

Go back and check the strings one more time playing each set of fifths (A-E, A-D, D-G) to listen to the fifths now squeezed.
As you learn what squeezed fifths sound like you should improve and be able to squeeze them without the CD.

Tuning Scales and techniques in the "Practice Journal".
G Major Track 8
a. Practice pg. 3 in the Violin Practice Journal
b. Tune slowly and listen to the interval between your scale notes and the root played by the CD.
c. If you cannot find the right note, play it on a keyboard or sing the pitch and then match it with your finger.
Select track 10.
a. With the repeat track function on, practice all the Left Hand exercises in the journal in the key of G Major.3 minutes at a time. Each time the track starts over switch to a new exercise. A built in timer!!!
Select track 1
a. Without the repeat on, do each of the exercises in a different Kelley are now training to be able to do all exercises in any key!

Tuning a piece
Because most pieces change keys several times within each movement the "Tuning CD" may not be the best tool for tuning a piece. Use a midi sequencer device instead.

Have a pianist record your accompaniment on a midi keyboard. Save it to a disc and transfer this to your computer. Buy a music sequencer program ($30-$50) and practice with your accompaniment on your computer at any speed at any time!!!!

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