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Intonation Training CD

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One of the best ways to improve intonation is to listen to to pedals (or drones) while practicing. The Intonation Training CD provides tracks recorded by the London Philharmonic playing each note of the scale. Each track also includes overtones played by instruments in the orchestra. In addition to the full orchestra, tracks with woodwind ensemble, brass ensemble, and string ensemble are also included for each note of the scale. Tracks are 1:30 seconds in length and can be extended using the repeat mode. Regular use of the Intonation Training CD has been shown to improve intonation. The Intonation Training CD will work on any CD player, and can be loaded onto an iPod, iPhone, or other digital music player.
The Intonation Training CD is part of the Belknap Practice System and is available for $12.95. View instructions for using the intonation training CD.

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