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Collé is French for glued or sticky.

Learning Concepts

  • Practicing Collé improves projection, articulation, and clarity of sound.
  • Practicing Collé will also provide the building blocks for Martelé.

Collé Exercise

colle musicPlay the excerpt from Kruetzer No. 7. Play a small but powerful "T" consonant at the tip by throwing the bow up-bow with the biceps (about 4 inches). Then do the same down-bow at the frog by using the triceps to throw the bow down-bow (again about 4 inches). Start with open strings until you get the motion right

Important Tips:

  • The fingers should be straight at the tip ready to be thrown up bow.
  • The fingers should be round (especially the pinky) at the frog ready to throw the bow down.
  • Prepare the hand to be thrown in either direction before moving the bow.
  • Always imitate the hard consonant sound of the "T".
  • Play slowly witn no metronome and away from the bridge


Here's what it should look like:



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