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Violin Home Lessons Ricochet




Ricochét is French for skipping a rock. Not to be confused with the English version of bouncing off things.

Learning Concepts

  • Helps you feel the vibration of the stick that helps you get a bigger, freer sound.
  • More effective spiccato and sautillé and eventually ricochet.

Ricochet Exercise

ricochet music

1. Drop/throw the bow in the middle from about 4 inches high and let it bounce.
2. Lift pinky and ring finger and drop/throw the bow on an open string while going down bow.
3. Press with index finger for about 6 bounces then pivot hand and lift index finger while putting the ring and pinky fingers back on the bow.
4. Let the bow bounce by itself as much as possible to the tip.
5. Don't try to control the bounce of the bow.
6. Keep the bow hair flat.



Additional Practice

You could also use Pagan Caprice No. 1, Mendelssohn Concerto and many others



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