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Music Notation Software

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In order to make writing music easier, music notation software is available. This page compares the different types of music notation software that is available.

Free Music Notation Software

Finale Notepad 2005 - Notepad is free music notation software for the Macintosh and Windows from the makers of Finale. The software is easy to use, but somewhat limited in features.
Download Finale Notepad 2005
Lilypond - Lilypond is free music notation software for the Macintosh, Windows, and Linux. While Lilypond can produce complex scores, it is text-based (notes are entered by typing text instead of clicking on notes).
Download Lilypond

Señor Staff - Señor Staff is an open-source music composition app for Mac OS X. It features a staff-based interface (rather than a tracker interface) for natural entry and readability, and supports playback to any MIDI device. Emphasis is placed on user efficiency and automated enforcement of musical constraints.
Download Señor Staff



Commercial Music Noataion Software

Finale 2006 - Finale is perhaps the most widely used music notation software in the world. It also includes full MIDI support. The full version costs about $600 but PrintMusic is available for about $60. Academic versions are also available for students and teachers.
More about Finale
Sibelius - Sibelius is a full featured music editor. It has many similar features to Finale 2006 and also runs on Macintosh and Windows computers. Sibelius costs about $600.
More about Sibelius
Encore - Encore is a professional music printing program that lets you compose and print your own sheet music. You can compose on up to 64 staves, customize your toolbar, and customize score expressions. Playback allows you to hearear dynamics, repeats, and articulations accurately. Encore transcribes Master Tracks Pro and standard MIDI files. Available for Windows 98, XP, ME, or 2000; or for Mac O.S.9 or X. MusicTime Deluxe - MusicTime Deluxe is the easiest way to make music with your computer using your soundcard or MIDI instrument. Whether you are a beginner, hobbyist, or professional, MusicTime Deluxe gives you the power to create and print music with lyrics, text and guitar chords on up to 16 staves. The Easy Way to Write, Play, and Print Music! For Windows and Mac.

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