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Born in Boulder, Colorado, Shaundra is the daughter of renowned pianist Melinda Baird. Shaundra began playing the violin at a young age. She has had the opportunity to study with renowned violinists such as Harold Wippler, Igor and Vesna Gruppmann, Barbara Williams, and Monte Belknap.  Shaundra received her degree in music performance from the Brigham Young University School of Music. While at BYU, Shaundra has performed in the BYU Philharmonic and toured with BYU’s Chamber Orchestra.

In addition to her performance experience, Shaundra is a distinguished teacher.  For years she has studied methods to improve the quality of violin instruction. Recently she was a guest faculty member at a private school in Mexico where she assisted in the design of the string program and coached ensembles. Shaundra is currently working on developing violin instructional materials in Spanish as well as publishing in the area of motivational techniques. 

Currently Shaundra lives in Washington DC and performs with ensembles and orchestras in the DC area, including the Fairfax Symphony.

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