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Violin Home Left Hand Exercises 3 Octave Scales

3 Octave G Major Scale (slurred)




Learning Concepts

  • Increases your comfort and agility in all positions.
  • Develops confidence and accuracy in all positions.
  • Improves coordination.

Scale Exercise

Based on the Galamian "Contemporary Violin Technique"

G major scale

© Galaxy Music Corporation, a division of ECS Publishing, Boston, MA. Used with permission.

1. Memorize fingerings, bowings, and positions.
2. Use the WHOLE BOW on every stroke
3. Build speed:
a. Practice 4 note=88, then slowly build speed to 4 note=104.
b. Do repetitions of 2 beat segments first with left hand alone.
4. Use the "Intonation Training CD" to improve your intonation.
5. Practice left hand alone for speed and accuracy.

See Violin Fingerings Chart

Here's what it should look like:



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