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3 Octave Arpeggios (Slurred)




Learning Concepts

  • Increases your comfort and agility in all positions.
  • Develops confidence and accuracy in all positions.
  • Improves coordination.

Arpeggios Exercises

You could also use Carl Flesch or Galamian arpeggio sequences.

arppegio music

See Arppegios in all keys

1. Memorize the sequence of arpeggios on the piano... start with the first 3 notes of each arpeggio.
2. Mark what position you are in above each new position. If needed get help from your teacher.
a. Find the note your finger is on in the new position.
b. Compare that note to the note that same finger plays in first position.
c. The interval between those two notes is the position you are in it's that simple.
3. Memorize fingerings, bowings, and positions on the violin.
4. Use the WHOLE BOW on every stroke.
5 . Do repetitions of 2 beat segments first with left hand alone.
6 . Always listen and tune to the "Intonation Training CD".

Here's what it should look like:


Advanced Arpeggios Exercise 1

1. After you get proficient at 40=each note try the rhythms and bowings you did on the 3 octave scales!
2. Build speed by practicing 4 note=88, then slowly build speed to 4 note= 104.

Here's what it should look like:



Advanced Arpeggios Exercise 2

Try doing arppegios in octaves

Here's what it should look like:

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