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Learning Concepts

  • Improves the overall shape of the left hand.
  • Trains the hand to be more articulate and accurate (no muscles, just a twitch).
  • Builds confidence with double-stops and improves overall intonation.
  • Increases dexterity, agility, strength and stability.

(based on the Sevcik System)

*Intonation Training CD-Track 1 C Major


Tuning Exercise

Start at quarter note = 40

Gradually move the speed up to the goal of 64th notes = 40

violin tuning music


  1. Start slow and tune at = 40. Every time you double your speed, slur together twice as many notes in one bow.
  2. Be articulate about lifting and dropping your fingers (lift fingers and then snap them down like you are hitting a bell).
  3. Repeat all patterns in all positions and keys.

Do not do this exercise for more than a few minutes a day. If pain or extreme tightness occurs do not continue the exercise. Be careful with any pain you might experience doing any exercise. Try to determine if it is a sharp pain in a joint or tendon (which is very dangerous) or just soreness in a muscle that needs more conditioning (not so dangerous).



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