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Tenths / Ear Training



(based on the Yost System)

Learning Concepts

  • Increases your familiarity and comfort in all positions.
  • Develops confidence and accuracy in all positions.
  • Develops understanding of what to listen for while shifting.
  • Improves your ear trainings and overall intonation.


*Intonation Training CD-Track 8 G Major

Interval Pattern: BssBBssB
4 note = very, very slow!

Tenths Exercise

#1. Broken Tenthstenths

#2. Tenthstenths

#3. Tenths in Broken Thirdstenths

1. Relax fingers, hand and wrist.
2. When shifting move arm first from the biceps to the new position dragging the hand and the finger, gliding on top of the string, never pushing forward with the fingers.
3. Tune with the biceps before putting fingers down.
4. Get the 1st finger in tune and the 4th finger will tune itself.
5. Always lift and drop 1st and 4th fingers at the same time.
6. Know what position you're in at all times...say it out loud before you go. (14 positions total)
7. Press on lower string more with the bow and keep bow close to the bridge.

video Watch Videos of Tenths

Broken Tenths


Tenths in Broken Thirds

Additional Practice

You could also use Bruch Concerto in g minor, Paganini Concerto in D Major, Paganini Caprice 24, and others.

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